Taboo (2017)

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Episode #1.7 - S1-E7

Factual error: Lorna uses the word 'okay'. The first recorded usage of this word in America was not until 1839 and in Britain not until the 20th century. The series is set in 1814 and generally uses language contemporary to its setting.


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Factual error: The Prince Regent's servants address him several times as 'Your Majesty'. Since his father, the King, is still alive he is actually 'Your Royal Highness'. No royal servant would make this mistake.


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Factual error: Several of the soldiers at the Tower wear their hair tied back in queues. These were abolished in 1808 and the series is set in 1814. Since they were loathed as well as against regulations, it's highly unlikely that any soldier would have worn them after they were abolished.


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Factual error: Hardy is trying to get a message to the U S President Thomas Jefferson but in 1814 James Madison was President.

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Suggested correction: He said he needs to get a message "to Thomas Jefferson and the President of the United States." He wanted to message both men, he was not saying Jefferson was president.


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