Reign (2013)

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Season 1
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1 Pilot 0
2 Snakes in the Garden 0
3 Kissed 0
4 Hearts and Minds 0
5 A Chill in the Air 0
6 Chosen 0
7 Left Behind 0
8 Fated 0
9 For King and Country 0
10 Sacrifice 0
11 Inquisition 0
12 Royal Blood 0
13 The Consummation 0
14 Dirty Laundry 0
15 The Darkness 0
16 Monsters 0
17 Liege Lord 0
18 No Exit 0

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Bash takes his shirt off revealing the wound on his right arm. He starts wrapping it again with cloth and the scene cuts to Kenna. It cuts back quickly to Bash and his bandage is fully tied. There is no way he could accomplish this one handed.



Anna Walton, who plays Diane de Poitiers, is only 3 years older than Torrance Coombs, who plays her son Sebastian.