Ash vs Evil Dead

Season 1 generally

Trivia: Samara Weaving, whom co-starred in season one as backpacker Heather, became the subject of minor controversy after her episodes aired. Photos of Weaving covered in fake blood for the series were circulated by several Conservative social media accounts, with the false claims she was an American woman who was attacked by Liberals for being a Trump supporter. Weaving (who is actually from Australia) was disgusted by the experience, while series star Bruce Campbell called out the fake reports online.


Trivia: "Ash vs Evil Dead" originally began its life as a fourth film in the original "Evil Dead" series. However, so much potential material was written, that instead of a movie, producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert began shopping the project around as a potential TV-series. It was finally picked up by Starz and ran for three seasons.


Trivia: Almost all of the rock songs in the soundtrack (which are primarily songs Ash listens to on the radio) are from the 1970's and 1980's. This was done on purpose, to help illustrate how Ash has been stuck in a state of emotional arrested development since his original adventures - he hasn't really grown as a person since.


Trapped Inside - S2-E6

Trivia: "The Evil Dead" actress Ellen Sandweiss reprises her role as Cheryl in this episode, making her the only original film series actor other than Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi to return for the series.


Trivia: While the series contains numerous references to "The Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn", it contains virtually no overt references to the third "Evil Dead" film, "Army of Darkness." This is due to an issue with the rights to the third film, as they are owned by a different company than the series and the first two films.

Confinement - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: Ruby asks Ash where the the Kandarian Dagger is. He says that it was confiscated by the police. In the previous episode, she had and used it, and they have not interacted in the intervening time period.

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