Ash vs Evil Dead

Home Again - S2-E9

Plot hole: Old Ash travels back in time to 1982 to snatch the Necronomicon before Young Ash ever finds it (which should, presumably, erase all of the evil events from the original Evil Dead film right up to the present). Upon escaping the cabin, Old Ash finds that the timeline has self-corrected, and his amputated right hand has reappeared on his arm. But he is still in the 1980s. If the timeline had truly self-corrected, then Old Ash's car, his friends, and he himself would have vanished instantly from the 1980s, because the purpose of their mission never existed.

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: Time travel is not real. The rules of it are dependent on what the writers deem fit. Ergo, this isn't a plot-hole.


By that rationale, plot holes don't exist in any films, because the screenwriters are making all the rules. But, of course, plot holes do exist because screenwriters forget their own rules. In this case, the screenwriters chose to go down the path of correcting the Evil Dead timeline, but then they forgot to correct the timeline.

Charles Austin Miller

Baal was messing with time.

Confinement - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: Ruby asks Ash where the the Kandarian Dagger is. He says that it was confiscated by the police. In the previous episode, she had and used it, and they have not interacted in the intervening time period.

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Trivia: Almost all of the rock songs in the soundtrack (which are primarily songs Ash listens to on the radio) are from the 1970's and 1980's. This was done on purpose, to help illustrate how Ash has been stuck in a state of emotional arrested development since his original adventures - he hasn't really grown as a person since.


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Question: Question about the franchise in general: would crowd funding be a viable method to finance new installments?

Answer: Series creator Sam Raimi has said that there are three new ideas to continue the franchise, but there's no other information available at this time. Crowd funding could possibly fund another film, sure. But it's such a well-known franchise that it likely wouldn't be necessary. All we really know for sure is that the series "Ash VS Evil Dead" can't return, as it is under partial ownership by Starz, and producer Robert Tapert stated in a Q&A that they weren't interested in selling off the rights to the series. So if more "Evil Dead" is made, it likely wouldn't be a direct continuation of the series.


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