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Jessica Jones (2015)

1 factual error in A.K.A A Lotta Worms

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A.K.A A Lotta Worms - S3-E12

Factual error: Jessica receives a call from a prisoner at a State Institution. It shows up on her cell phone as "Unknown." All calls from prisoners are collect calls, and the receiver is asked if they will accept the charges. (00:41:20)


AKA I've Got the Blues - S1-E11

Other mistake: After Jessica Jones snaps back to reality from her flashbacks as a teenager in the bathroom with the broken marble sink, she receives a text message on her phone from an unknown number. The word "unknown" on the message heading is misspelled. (00:24:00)

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Trivia: In the comics, Kilgrave's code name is the Purple Man, due to his purple skin. His skin is never purple in this show, except once when shouting at the very end, but his comics counterpart is referenced by the fact that much of his wardrobe consists of purple clothing.


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