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Jessica Jones (2015)

1 factual error in A.K.A A Lotta Worms

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A.K.A A Lotta Worms - S3-E12

Factual error: Jessica receives a call from a prisoner at a State Institution. It shows up on her cell phone as "Unknown." All calls from prisoners are collect calls, and the receiver is asked if they will accept the charges. (00:41:20)


AKA Ladies Night - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the episode she picks up her phone but the screen shows the incoming call still coming through, and the screen doesn't go dark when she puts it to her ear. (00:29:30)

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A.K.A You're Welcome - S3-E2

Trivia: The yellow/black costume that Trish tries on and says "hell no" to when she's trying to decide on a crime fighting outfit is Hellcat's costume from the comics.

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