Legends (2014)

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Show generally 0
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 0
2 Chemistry 0
3 Lords of War 0
4 Betrayal 0
5 Rogue 0
6 Gauntlet 0
7 Quicksand 0
8 Iconoclast 0
9 Wilderness of Mirrors 0
10 Identity 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 The Legend of Dmitry Petrovich 0
2 The Legend of Kate Crawford 0
3 The Legend of Curtis Ballard 2
4 The Legend of Ilyana Zakayeva 0
5 The Legend of Terrence Graves 0
6 The Legend of Tamir Zakayev 0
7 The Second Legend of Dmitry Petrovich 0

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In the first flashback scene of Ballard serving a Mormon mission in Lithuania, he laments that he has been on his mission for 18 months and has yet to baptize a single person. In a later flashback scene when he and his companion are visiting the prostitutes, he states that he and his companion are 19 years old and they should be in college, going to parties, getting drunk, getting laid, etc. Instead of serving missions. These scenes take place in 1991, at which time young men did not serve missions for the Mormon church until after they turned 19, so if Ballard had already been on his mission for 18 months, then he should have been at least 20 years old, and closely approaching 21.