The Guild

The Guild (2007)

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Season 6
Season 6 generally 0
1 Dream Questline 0
2 New Party Members 0
3 Makeshift Solutions 1
4 Raid Timez 0
5 Strange Frenemies 0
6 Into the Breach 0
7 Occupy HQ 0
8 Dialogue Options 0
9 The Case of the Game Leak 0
10 Tipping Points 0
11 Raid HQ! 0
12 End Game 0

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When Clara is filming her kids, we see her daughter operate the car. When she's supposed to have put the car in gear and have driven forward, you can see the scenery move in the background, showing that the car was stationary and the camera was just violently moved to the right to simulate the act of the car moving.



This series was one of the inspirations for Joss Whedon to create his incredibly popular internet short-film "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog." "Guild" creator Felicia Day was eventually cast as the co-lead in "Dr. Horrible."