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The Beast Within - S2-E1

Tony Stark: Crosscheck their profiles for any common factors.
H.O.M.E.R.: Yes, Mr. Tony.
Tony Stark: "Tony." It's just "Tony."
H.O.M.E.R.: Of course, Mr. Just Tony.

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The Beast Within - S2-E1

H.O.M.E.R.: I have completed your diagnostic, Mr. Stark.
Tony Stark: "Tony." Let's try using "Tony."
H.O.M.E.R.: I have completed your diagnostic, Mr. Tony.

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Silence My Companion, My Death Destination - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Julia's daughter Rachel is saying "I'm a dork," she does so while puckering her lips and kissing Julia on the cheek. While it's possible to speak while your mouth is in that position, your voice will sound different than normal, and Rachel's voice sounds the same as usual. (00:07:58)

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Answer: Gleaned from the Internet: Some critics criticized the premise of so many one-off battles that were introduced and concluded within one or two episodes. Others felt the first-season plot lines were overly simplistic and never progressed or developed through the season. Also, the rivalry between Iron Man and the Mandarin also failed to capture viewer's attention.

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