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The Boyfriend - S6-E23

Continuity mistake: This episode comes a couple of episodes after the audience is already aware of Mr. Drummond marrying Maggie. Maggie and her son move in to the Drummond household making for a cramped living situation. Arnold shared a room with Sam (Maggie's son) and Willis got moved to Pearl's room. In this episode, there is no mention of Maggie it her son. Arnold and Willis seem to be sharing a room yet again. When Kimberly remarks about moving out, Willis and Arnold gush about how great it would be because then each of them would have their own room. Later on in the episode, Pearl is cooking for the three men stating she cooked too much because she had to get used to not cooking for four people. That's kind of an awkward statement to make being that Mr. Drummond should be married to Maggie by this episode.

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Suggested correction: Season 6 was plagued with episodes airing out of order. "The Boyfriend" was actually the 14th episode produced (production code 614), even though it was the last episode of the season.


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The Girls School - S1-E22

Trivia: Kimberly's school is the same school from the Facts of Life. It even has the same classmates and Kimberly shows up sometimes.

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