Diff'rent Strokes
Movie Quote Quiz

Willis Jackson: Arnold's always under my feet. I'll never have any privacy until he gets married.
Arnold Jackson: Married? On MY allowance?

Philip Drummond: I'd better send for the limosine. Mother gets very impatient if she's kept waiting. I was born 3 days late. She didn't speak to me for a year.

Philip Drummond: Good morning, Arnold. Rise and shine.
Arnold Jackson: Better not let Willis hear you say the word "shine." Back in Harlem, that's fightin' talk.

Arnold Jackson: Be careful with my goldfish. His name's Abraham.
Philip Drummond: I've never seen a black goldfish before.
Arnold Jackson: That's okay. He never saw a rich white man before either.

Philip Drummond: Why are you still in bed, Arnold?
Arnold Jackson: I'm studying.
Philip Drummond: Superman is studying?
Arnold Jackson: I'm too young for Wonderwoman.

The Girls School - S1-E22

Trivia: Kimberly's school is the same school from the Facts of Life. It even has the same classmates and Kimberly shows up sometimes.

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