The Legend of Korra

Trivia: As of the final episode (and the subsequent blog posts from the creators), Korra is the first openly bisexual protagonist in a Western cartoon show.


After All These Years - S4-E1

Trivia: The logo on the floor during Korra's cage fight is the same one used in Earth Rumble VI in "Avatar: The Last Airbender"


Rebel Spirit - S2-E1

Trivia: The first piece of film Varrick made of the running ostrich horse is a reference to the real first film which depicted a galloping horse.


Harmonic Convergence - S2-E12

Trivia: The paint job of the Zhu Li is reminiscent to the way ships were painted in WWI. The Americans and the British did this because they thought it would make it more difficult for the Germans to estimate their speed and heading.

Trivia: Tenzin is named after the 14th (current) Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political leader of Tibet.


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