Quotes from James Mason movies and TV shows

Captain Nemo: Think of it. On the surface there is hunger and fear. Men still exercise unjust laws. They fight, tear one another to pieces. A mere few feet beneath the waves their reign ceases, their evil drowns. Here on the ocean floor is the only independence. Here I am free! Imagine what would happen if they controlled machines such as this submarine boat. Far better that they think there's a monster and hunt me with harpoons.

Captain Nemo: Mr. Land, you saved my life. Why?
Ned Land: That's a good question. Well, there's only one thing a fella can do when he's made a mistake as big as this.
Conseil: What?
Ned Land: Get drunk.

Captain Nemo: The natives over there are cannibals. They eat liars with the same enthusiasm as they eat honest men.

Captain Nemo: I am not what is called a civilized man, Professor. I have done with society for reasons that seem good to me. Therefore, I do not obey its laws.

Captain Nemo: Do you know the meaning of love, professor?
Professor Pierre Aronnax, narrator: I believe I do.
Captain Nemo: What you fail to understand is the power of hate. It can fill the heart as surely as love can.
Professor Pierre Aronnax, narrator: I'm sorry for you. That's a bitter substitute.

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Ed Avery: Childhood is a congenital disease - and the purpose of education is to cure it. We're breeding a race of moral midgets.

Ed Avery: God was wrong.

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General Count von Klugermann: I'm afraid it's rather a small medal, Willi, but it's the highest Germany can give.
Willi von Klugermann: Thank you... Uncle.

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Mr. Jordan: He's been drugged by those two downstairs. This is a murder. See how he's slowly sliding into the water?

Joe Pendleton: She loves me, Mr. Jordan.
Mr. Jordan: Joe, you must abide by what is written.

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Emperor Franz-Josef: Rudolph, what is this wall between us?
Archduke Rudolf: You should know, you built it. You tear it down, Father.

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Oscar Wilde: Iced champagne is a favorite drink of mine, much against my doctor's orders.
Sir Edward Carson: Never mind your doctor's orders.
Oscar Wilde: I never do.

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Ed Concannon: Why wasn't she getting oxygen?
Dr. Towler: Well, many reasons, really.
Ed Concannon: Tell me one.
Dr. Towler: She'd aspirated vomitus into her mask.
Ed Concannon: She threw up in her mask. Now cut the bullshit, please. Just say it: She threw up in her mask.

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