Trivia: When Humbert first sees Quilty in the mansion, he asks him if he is Quilty, to which Quilty replies with "No, I'm Spartacus. Have you come to free the slaves or something?" This is a reference to the scene from the movie Spartacus, where the slaves who have been recaptured by the Romans all announce that they are Spartacus to try and protect Spartacus when he tries to announce who he is. This is also serves as an in-joke as it was Stanley Kubrick's previous movie, which he made before doing Lolita. (00:03:36)

Casual Person

Visible crew/equipment: The microphone's shadow appears on the wall, when the professor is begging Lolita to come back to him and leave her husband. (02:21:28)

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Charlotte Haze: There's a nice view from this window... of the front lawn.

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