Most crime movie continuity mistakes of 2007

1Live Free or Die Hard pictureLive Free or Die Hard (2007)58
2Hot Fuzz pictureHot Fuzz (2007)25
3Sweeney Todd pictureSweeney Todd (2007)23
4Shooter pictureShooter (2007)16
5Saw IV pictureSaw IV (2007)13
6American Gangster pictureAmerican Gangster (2007)10
7Hitman pictureHitman (2007)7
888 Minutes picture88 Minutes (2007)7
9Rush Hour 3 pictureRush Hour 3 (2007)6
10Michael Clayton pictureMichael Clayton (2007)6
11Death Proof pictureDeath Proof (2007)5
12Ocean's Thirteen pictureOcean's Thirteen (2007)5
13Shoot 'Em Up pictureShoot 'Em Up (2007)5
14The Condemned pictureThe Condemned (2007)4
15Zodiac pictureZodiac (2007)4
16Perfect Stranger picturePerfect Stranger (2007)4
17Mr. Brooks pictureMr. Brooks (2007)3
18We Own the Night pictureWe Own the Night (2007)3
19The Invisible pictureThe Invisible (2007)3
20Gone Baby Gone pictureGone Baby Gone (2007)3
21I Know Who Killed Me pictureI Know Who Killed Me (2007)3
22Freedom Writers pictureFreedom Writers (2007)3
23Nancy Drew pictureNancy Drew (2007)3
24Disturbia pictureDisturbia (2007)3
25Cleaner pictureCleaner (2007)3
26Eastern Promises pictureEastern Promises (2007)3
27The Assassination of Jesse James pictureThe Assassination of Jesse James (2007)2
283:10 to Yuma picture3:10 to Yuma (2007)2
29Breach pictureBreach (2007)2
30The Death and Life of Bobby Z pictureThe Death and Life of Bobby Z (2007)2
31Fracture pictureFracture (2007)1
32Captivity pictureCaptivity (2007)1
33Rise of the Footsoldier pictureRise of the Footsoldier (2007)1
34Awake pictureAwake (2007)1
35War pictureWar (2007)1
36Balls of Fury pictureBalls of Fury (2007)1
37Before The Devil Knows You're Dead pictureBefore The Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)1
38Funny Games U.S. pictureFunny Games U.S. (2007)1
39The Flock pictureThe Flock (2007)1

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