88 Minutes

Continuity mistake: After they almost get run over by the man on the motorcycle, Jack receives a phone call. He answers with his left hand on his left ear, then it cuts and it's in his right hand and his right ear. It switches back in the next cut.

Continuity mistake: When leaving the building, Jack Gramm's Porsche has rims with 18 spokes; when arriving, the car has different rims with only 5 spokes. (00:21:20 - 00:22:25)

Continuity mistake: When Jack is talking on the phone to Forster live on TV, the clock behind Jack goes from 11:08, to 11:12 in the next shot of Jack, and back to 11:08 in the following shot of Jack.

Rochelle McCarty

Continuity mistake: There is a lot of moving from one place to another during the last 10 minutes (supposed to be actual 10 minutes of the timeline), which seems pretty much impossible - from Jack's apartment to the girl's apartment, then to the office on campus, then to another building, up to floor 7, and they still have time to talk for a couple of minutes. Note that the glass doors to the elevators are locked, so he has to take the stairs, which are also behind a glass door that happens to be open. And how did he get through the police block on campus? There was a bomb threat just about an hour and half before - there is no way he would be allowed in there. Notice that the campus streets are empty so he can run without problems from his office to the other building.

Continuity mistake: After Jack receives his first phone call whilst giving his lecture, he places his mobile phone screen down, then when it rings again it is facing up with the screen visible.

Continuity mistake: In the stairwell, Ms. Douglas wipes blood from her nose, but in the next shot, there is no visible trace of blood on her face. In the next scene at campus security, the blood is again on her face as it originally was. (00:39:20 - 00:40:15)

Continuity mistake: Jack unties the gag by hand, then is putting away his switchblade as if he had cut the gag. (01:38:30)

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