Most comedy movie mistakes of 2006

1Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picturePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)177
2RV pictureRV (2006)62
3High School Musical pictureHigh School Musical (2006)57
4Night at the Museum pictureNight at the Museum (2006)47
5Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby pictureTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)36
6Scary Movie 4 pictureScary Movie 4 (2006)36
7The Devil Wears Prada pictureThe Devil Wears Prada (2006)31
8John Tucker Must Die pictureJohn Tucker Must Die (2006)28
9Big Momma's House 2 pictureBig Momma's House 2 (2006)25
10Over the Hedge pictureOver the Hedge (2006)23
11The Pink Panther pictureThe Pink Panther (2006)22
12Just My Luck pictureJust My Luck (2006)21
13She's the Man pictureShe's the Man (2006)21
14Catch and Release pictureCatch and Release (2006)21
15Little Miss Sunshine pictureLittle Miss Sunshine (2006)20
16You, Me and Dupree pictureYou, Me and Dupree (2006)19
17Nacho Libre pictureNacho Libre (2006)18
18Failure To Launch pictureFailure To Launch (2006)16
19Accepted pictureAccepted (2006)16
20My Super Ex-Girlfriend pictureMy Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)15
21Date Movie pictureDate Movie (2006)15
22Beerfest pictureBeerfest (2006)15
23Wristcutters: A Love Story pictureWristcutters: A Love Story (2006)15
24Little Man pictureLittle Man (2006)15
25Slither pictureSlither (2006)14
26The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause pictureThe Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)14
27The Benchwarmers pictureThe Benchwarmers (2006)14
28The Holiday pictureThe Holiday (2006)13
29Click pictureClick (2006)12
30Clerks 2 pictureClerks 2 (2006)12
31Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny pictureTenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)12
32Ice Age 2: The Meltdown pictureIce Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)12
33Cars pictureCars (2006)12
34Bring It On: All or Nothing pictureBring It On: All or Nothing (2006)12
35Open Season pictureOpen Season (2006)12
36Deck the Halls pictureDeck the Halls (2006)12
37Air Buddies pictureAir Buddies (2006)11
38Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties pictureGarfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)11
39The Break-Up pictureThe Break-Up (2006)11
40Employee of the Month pictureEmployee of the Month (2006)11
41Aquamarine pictureAquamarine (2006)9
42Hoot pictureHoot (2006)9
43Grandma's Boy pictureGrandma's Boy (2006)9
44Flushed Away pictureFlushed Away (2006)8
45Return to Halloweentown pictureReturn to Halloweentown (2006)8
46Last Holiday pictureLast Holiday (2006)8
47Borat pictureBorat (2006)8
48Unaccompanied Minors pictureUnaccompanied Minors (2006)7
49The Cheetah Girls 2 pictureThe Cheetah Girls 2 (2006)7
50How to Eat Fried Worms pictureHow to Eat Fried Worms (2006)7
51School for Scoundrels pictureSchool for Scoundrels (2006)7
52Severance pictureSeverance (2006)6
53A Good Year pictureA Good Year (2006)6
54Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector pictureLarry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)6
55Material Girls pictureMaterial Girls (2006)5
56Stick It pictureStick It (2006)5
57Man of the Year pictureMan of the Year (2006)5
58American Dreamz pictureAmerican Dreamz (2006)4
59Madea's Family Reunion pictureMadea's Family Reunion (2006)4
60Alien Autopsy pictureAlien Autopsy (2006)4
61American Pie 5: The Naked Mile pictureAmerican Pie 5: The Naked Mile (2006)4
62Happy Feet pictureHappy Feet (2006)3
63The Darwin Awards pictureThe Darwin Awards (2006)3
64Barnyard pictureBarnyard (2006)3
65Fido pictureFido (2006)3
66The Hoax pictureThe Hoax (2006)3
67Starter for Ten pictureStarter for Ten (2006)3
68Dr. Dolittle 3 pictureDr. Dolittle 3 (2006)3
69BoyTown (2006)2
70Getting Played pictureGetting Played (2006)2
71The History Boys pictureThe History Boys (2006)2
72Golmaal (2006)2
73Dead and Deader pictureDead and Deader (2006)2
7410 Items or Less picture10 Items or Less (2006)2
75Jackass Number Two pictureJackass Number Two (2006)2
76Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj pictureVan Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (2006)2
77Everyone's Hero pictureEveryone's Hero (2006)2
78Running with Scissors pictureRunning with Scissors (2006)2
79Volver pictureVolver (2006)2
80Bandidas pictureBandidas (2006)2
81For Your Consideration pictureFor Your Consideration (2006)2
82Let's Go to Prison pictureLet's Go to Prison (2006)2
83A Year Without Santa Claus pictureA Year Without Santa Claus (2006)2
84Curious George pictureCurious George (2006)2
85Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo pictureTeen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo (2006)2
86Charlotte's Web pictureCharlotte's Web (2006)2
87Cow Belles pictureCow Belles (2006)2
88A Prairie Home Companion pictureA Prairie Home Companion (2006)1
89Sixty Six pictureSixty Six (2006)1
90The Last Kiss pictureThe Last Kiss (2006)1
91The Host pictureThe Host (2006)1
92Night of the Living Dead 3D pictureNight of the Living Dead 3D (2006)1
93Happily N'Ever After pictureHappily N'Ever After (2006)1
94Danny Roane: First Time Director pictureDanny Roane: First Time Director (2006)1
95Fast Track pictureFast Track (2006)1
96The Wild pictureThe Wild (2006)1
97Kettle of Fish pictureKettle of Fish (2006)1
98Venus pictureVenus (2006)1
99Mon Meilleur Ami pictureMon Meilleur Ami (2006)1
100Scoop pictureScoop (2006)1
101Wedding Daze pictureWedding Daze (2006)1
102Phat Girlz picturePhat Girlz (2006)1
103The Prince and Me 2 pictureThe Prince and Me 2 (2006)1
104I-See-You.Com pictureI-See-You.Com (2006)1
105Confetti pictureConfetti (2006)1
106Idiocracy pictureIdiocracy (2006)1
107Bachelor Party Vegas pictureBachelor Party Vegas (2006)1
108Dirty Laundry pictureDirty Laundry (2006)1