Most romance movie trivia of 2002

1A Walk To Remember pictureA Walk To Remember (2002)8
2My Big Fat Greek Wedding pictureMy Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)6
3The Santa Clause 2 pictureThe Santa Clause 2 (2002)5
4Treasure Planet pictureTreasure Planet (2002)4
5The Scorpion King pictureThe Scorpion King (2002)4
6Bend It Like Beckham pictureBend It Like Beckham (2002)3
7Two Weeks Notice pictureTwo Weeks Notice (2002)3
8About a Boy pictureAbout a Boy (2002)3
9Mr. Deeds pictureMr. Deeds (2002)3
10The Rules of Attraction pictureThe Rules of Attraction (2002)2
11Punch-Drunk Love picturePunch-Drunk Love (2002)2
12Drumline pictureDrumline (2002)2
13The Sweetest Thing pictureThe Sweetest Thing (2002)2
14Solaris pictureSolaris (2002)2
15Blue Crush pictureBlue Crush (2002)2
16Sweet Home Alabama pictureSweet Home Alabama (2002)2
17Far from Heaven pictureFar from Heaven (2002)1
18Dragonfly pictureDragonfly (2002)1
19The Importance of Being Earnest pictureThe Importance of Being Earnest (2002)1
20The Quiet American pictureThe Quiet American (2002)1
21Buying the Cow pictureBuying the Cow (2002)1
22Frida pictureFrida (2002)1
23Van Wilder pictureVan Wilder (2002)1
24The Good Girl pictureThe Good Girl (2002)1

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