Most romance movie trivia of 2000

1Bedazzled pictureBedazzled (2000)3
2The Legend of Bagger Vance pictureThe Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)2
3Little Nicky pictureLittle Nicky (2000)2
4Romeo Must Die pictureRomeo Must Die (2000)2
5What Women Want pictureWhat Women Want (2000)2
6Coyote Ugly pictureCoyote Ugly (2000)2
7Keeping the Faith pictureKeeping the Faith (2000)1
8Meet the Parents pictureMeet the Parents (2000)1
9Nurse Betty pictureNurse Betty (2000)1
10Return to Me pictureReturn to Me (2000)1
11Snow Day pictureSnow Day (2000)1
12Where The Heart Is pictureWhere The Heart Is (2000)1
13Dracula 2000 pictureDracula 2000 (2000)1
14All the Pretty Horses pictureAll the Pretty Horses (2000)1
15Quills pictureQuills (2000)1
16Jalla! Jalla! pictureJalla! Jalla! (2000)1
17Hamlet pictureHamlet (2000)1
18High Fidelity pictureHigh Fidelity (2000)1



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