Most romance movie mistakes of 1997

1Titanic pictureTitanic (1997)282
2Scream 2 pictureScream 2 (1997)56
3The Fifth Element pictureThe Fifth Element (1997)54
4As Good As It Gets pictureAs Good As It Gets (1997)49
5Speed 2: Cruise Control pictureSpeed 2: Cruise Control (1997)41
6Life is Beautiful pictureLife is Beautiful (1997)33
7Grosse Pointe Blank pictureGrosse Pointe Blank (1997)22
8Fools Rush In pictureFools Rush In (1997)19
9My Best Friend's Wedding pictureMy Best Friend's Wedding (1997)19
10Rocketman pictureRocketman (1997)17
11An American Werewolf in Paris pictureAn American Werewolf in Paris (1997)16
12Father's Day pictureFather's Day (1997)13
13George of the Jungle pictureGeorge of the Jungle (1997)12
14A Life Less Ordinary pictureA Life Less Ordinary (1997)11
15Vanishing Point pictureVanishing Point (1997)9
16Chasing Amy pictureChasing Amy (1997)9
17Conspiracy Theory pictureConspiracy Theory (1997)7
18The Beautician and the Beast pictureThe Beautician and the Beast (1997)7
19Addicted to Love pictureAddicted to Love (1997)6
20Mr. Magoo pictureMr. Magoo (1997)6
21Picture Perfect picturePicture Perfect (1997)6
22The Saint pictureThe Saint (1997)6
23Gattaca pictureGattaca (1997)5
24Mrs. Brown pictureMrs. Brown (1997)5
25Fever Pitch pictureFever Pitch (1997)5
26Excess Baggage pictureExcess Baggage (1997)4
27Leave It to Beaver pictureLeave It to Beaver (1997)4
28Booty Call pictureBooty Call (1997)4
29Lolita pictureLolita (1997)4
30Destiny pictureDestiny (1997)3
31That Old Feeling pictureThat Old Feeling (1997)3
32Toothless pictureToothless (1997)3
33The 6th Man pictureThe 6th Man (1997)2
34Trial and Error pictureTrial and Error (1997)2
35Commandments pictureCommandments (1997)1
36Truth or Consequences, N.M. pictureTruth or Consequences, N.M. (1997)1
37Swept from the Sea pictureSwept from the Sea (1997)1
38Love! Valour! Compassion! pictureLove! Valour! Compassion! (1997)1
39Cinderella pictureCinderella (1997)1
40Breaking Up pictureBreaking Up (1997)1
41Inventing the Abbots pictureInventing the Abbots (1997)1
42Shooting Fish pictureShooting Fish (1997)1
43Perdita Durango picturePerdita Durango (1997)1
44Kicked in the Head pictureKicked in the Head (1997)1

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