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Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the movie when Alex is waiting for Isabel on the bridge, Isabel sees Alex and hits the breaks. Her foot is shown stepping on the pedal and her polish color is a light color. Later when the two are in the ambulance, her toe nails are painted bright red. (01:38:28)

Continuity mistake: When Isabel reveals that she is pregnant to Alex, the level of water in his glass goes from empty to full and varying stages in between without adding any water.

Continuity mistake: When Isabel returns Alex to the Hoover Dam (after the dinner with her family), the wheels of Isabel's car point to the left. The scene switches and the wheels now point to the right. (00:32:55)

Christoph Galuschka

Continuity mistake: While they're pretending to be a couple, Isabel takes Alex, to a dinner at her parents' house. During their visit, Alex holds a baby on his left shoulder. At the end of the night, he's at the sink apparently trying to wash off whatever the baby spit up on him. In one scene, his shirt is completely soaked, but the scene right after it has his shirt totally dry.

Continuity mistake: When Isabel takes Alex to meet her parents it's the evening, but in the house you see daylight coming through the windows.

Continuity mistake: When Alex arrives at the Great-Grandmother's house he walks up to a 6ft privacy fence and looks over the top. The camera angle changes to a view from the yard he is looking at and the fence he is now looking over is not the same fence.


Continuity mistake: When Alex and Isabel are talking on Hoover Dam, the speed of her truck's windshield wipers changes speed (fast to slow, and back again) throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: When Isabel's father drives to the job site to confront Alex, he drives his struck straight through a giant puddle (mud, cement, maybe some other stuff) and it splashes everywhere. you can actually see it flying over the actors shoulders. Naturally, it'd be safe to assume that they'd be covered in the gunk, but in the next shot, they are both wearing completely clean outfits.

Continuity mistake: When Akex and Isabel break up, Alex goes to NY and is sitting near a fountain. There is a guitar player sitting next to him playing his guitar with the neck pointing straight up. The camera pans back for a wider view and the guitar player is not in the same place and he is now holding the guitar in a normal position.


Audio problem: Each time Isabel's dog is shown, we hear bells jingling, as if the dog is wearing a collar, but one is never visible.

Continuity mistake: When Alex tells Isabel to start breathing when she's giving birth, the camera angle from the back shows her starting the breathing excersises, but the camera angle from the front shows she hasn't started them yet.


Continuity mistake: When Alex enters during the Christmas party, the swordfish he is carrying is upright. When he heads into the closet with Jeff it is upside down.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Isabel and Alex are sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon and she gets up to get his gift (the Gray's Papaya hot dogs). When she comes back to sit down, she puts the box in her right hand and uses her left to tuck her skirt underneath her as she sits. However, when the camera angle changes, the box is in her left hand and she is using her right hand to balance herself on Alex's shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When Laney and Jeff are having dinner with Isabel and Alex (at their house), Laney moves two wine glasses from the counter to the table. A few moments later, she moves the same two wine glasses again. (00:42:32)

Continuity mistake: Right before Alex walks out the door to the heliport, he stops and takes a 2nd look at the little girl (Isabel) and stands there with his left hand in his pocket from the camera angle in the back. The camera angle changes to a front view and his hand is out of his pocket and at his side as Cathy is walking towards him.


Continuity mistake: When Isabel is holding the baby in the ambulance, her left hand switches from being on the baby's head, shoulder, and side to Isabel's side as the camera angle changes between her and Alex talking.


Continuity mistake: When Isabel starts pushing on the dam if you look behind Alex there is a cop standing in the background then the next time it cuts to Alex he is gone and then the scene after that he is back again. (01:41:40)


Alex Whitman: Where are you going?
Isabel Fuentes: You're not my favorite person right now.
Alex Whitman: Yeah, well, you either.

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Chosen answer: The music is Danke Schoen by Wane Newton - definitely not the music from Aladdin. It sounds close though. I have little kids and I've heard the song from Aladdin more than I want to.

Actually, the instrumental cue right before Newton sings his song, and many times throughout the film, is a rip off Aladdin cue. It's the exact melody from when Aladdin sings "Would they see a poor boy, no siree." It's exact, and sticks out obviously.

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