Most comedy movie continuity mistakes of 1996

1Happy Gilmore pictureHappy Gilmore (1996)57
2Tin Cup pictureTin Cup (1996)36
3The Frighteners pictureThe Frighteners (1996)36
4Matilda pictureMatilda (1996)32
5Jerry Maguire pictureJerry Maguire (1996)22
6Jingle All the Way pictureJingle All the Way (1996)18
7Swingers pictureSwingers (1996)18
8The Cable Guy pictureThe Cable Guy (1996)18
9Kingpin pictureKingpin (1996)17
10Freeway pictureFreeway (1996)16
11First Wives Club pictureFirst Wives Club (1996)16
12Black Sheep pictureBlack Sheep (1996)15
13Mars Attacks! pictureMars Attacks! (1996)15
14Tremors 2 pictureTremors 2 (1996)15
15Space Jam pictureSpace Jam (1996)13
16Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood pictureDon't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)13
17Trainspotting pictureTrainspotting (1996)12
18Down Periscope pictureDown Periscope (1996)12
19The Mirror Has Two Faces pictureThe Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)12
20First Strike pictureFirst Strike (1996)12
21Striptease pictureStriptease (1996)12
22High School High pictureHigh School High (1996)11
23Beavis and Butthead Do America pictureBeavis and Butthead Do America (1996)10
24101 Dalmatians picture101 Dalmatians (1996)10
25Jack pictureJack (1996)9
26The Birdcage pictureThe Birdcage (1996)8
27Bulletproof pictureBulletproof (1996)8
28D3: The Mighty Ducks pictureD3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)8
29Bio-Dome pictureBio-Dome (1996)7
30Fled pictureFled (1996)7
31The Nutty Professor pictureThe Nutty Professor (1996)7
32A Very Brady Sequel pictureA Very Brady Sequel (1996)6
33Carpool pictureCarpool (1996)5
34The Truth About Cats And Dogs pictureThe Truth About Cats And Dogs (1996)5
35Feeling Minnesota pictureFeeling Minnesota (1996)5
36Spy Hard pictureSpy Hard (1996)4
372 Days in the Valley picture2 Days in the Valley (1996)4
38Beautiful Girls pictureBeautiful Girls (1996)4
39Mystery Science Theatre 3000 pictureMystery Science Theatre 3000 (1996)4
40One Fine Day pictureOne Fine Day (1996)4
41The Preacher's Wife pictureThe Preacher's Wife (1996)3
42A Thin Line Between Love and Hate pictureA Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996)3
43Michael pictureMichael (1996)3
44Eddie pictureEddie (1996)3
45Multiplicity pictureMultiplicity (1996)3
46Emma pictureEmma (1996)3
47My Fellow Americans pictureMy Fellow Americans (1996)3
48Sgt. Bilko pictureSgt. Bilko (1996)2
49Flirting with Disaster pictureFlirting with Disaster (1996)2
50Bordello of Blood pictureBordello of Blood (1996)2
51Dating the Enemy pictureDating the Enemy (1996)2
52Dear God pictureDear God (1996)2
53Two Days in the Valley pictureTwo Days in the Valley (1996)2
54Joe's Apartment pictureJoe's Apartment (1996)2
55Waiting for Guffman pictureWaiting for Guffman (1996)1
56She's The One pictureShe's The One (1996)1
57Beautiful Thing pictureBeautiful Thing (1996)1
58If Lucy Fell pictureIf Lucy Fell (1996)1
59Sonic the Hedgehog pictureSonic the Hedgehog (1996)1
60Mrs. Winterbourne pictureMrs. Winterbourne (1996)1
61Harriet the Spy pictureHarriet the Spy (1996)1
62Trees Lounge pictureTrees Lounge (1996)1
63That Thing You Do pictureThat Thing You Do (1996)1
64Muppet Treasure Island pictureMuppet Treasure Island (1996)1
65Mr. Wrong pictureMr. Wrong (1996)1
66Head Above Water pictureHead Above Water (1996)1
67Celtic Pride pictureCeltic Pride (1996)1
68Secrets and Lies pictureSecrets and Lies (1996)1

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