Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Ashtray is knocking at his father's door, his father answers the door with a chocolate bar that already has a bite taken out of it. When his father lets him and closes the door, the chocolate bar is still wrapped.

Continuity mistake: When Ashtray is at Loc DogĀ“s place in the beginning he meets his grandma and she tells him to punch her. Then he punches her on the left cheek but after that she holds her hand covering the right one.

Continuity mistake: When Grandma is dancing at the church, her shoes change from heels to flats.


Continuity mistake: When Ashtray is having his hair cut by his father, the towel around his body to catch the hair disappears and reappears throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Ashtray and his father are fishing, his father's hair is braided. However, in the scene before that his father's hair is cut really short.

Continuity mistake: During the part where Loc Dog bets Ashtray that he can get the girl's number, there's a guy dancing directly behind Ashtray wearing a purple shirt and purple hat. The shot changes and we see Loc Dog getting the girl's number, the guy in purple is now over there behind them. When the shots go back and forth, he is both behind Loc Dog and Ashtray.


Continuity mistake: When Loc Dog goes for his job he sits down and fills out the application form. The man next to him talks about how great he his then the camera moves away. The secretary then lifts Loc Dog's form beside her but we never actually seen him give it to her.

Continuity mistake: When Dashiki is reading her man-hating poem to Ashtray, there are two baby bottles: one pink, the other white (or clear and filled with milk). There is also a baby toy or rattle of some sort lying next to one of the bottles and a plant to the right of the bottles. From one shot to the next, both the location and the colors of the white bottle continue to change, first white, then blue, then white again. Also, the baby toy completely disappears after the first shot of it and the plant moves further to the right until eventually, it/s missing off of the table altogether.

Continuity mistake: When Dashiki is writing the poem, all things on the table move and her pen changes from blue to yellow between shots.


Continuity mistake: When the white man shoots the gun in the convenience store to knock down the lights on the cashiers, they show a close up of his hand shooting a Beretta, but when he throws the gun to Ashtray and Loc Dog, it's a Glock.

Sir William

Continuity mistake: During the "Menace II Society" drive by shooting near the end, the right front tire of the gangsters car explodes and the hubcap bounces off, a second later we see the car spinning out and the tire is inflated with the hubcap still on.

Continuity mistake: When the guy is coughing heavily from the joint, there is a shot of the side of the table when he is on the ground. The side of the table shows a 40 oz bottle. When the camera turns to the rest of the boys that are watching him, that 40 oz bottle is gone. This keeps repeating several times.

Continuity mistake: In the "I-said-do-we-have-a-problem-here?" scene, the guys in the car get scared and reverse out of the shot. However, we hear the gears change a few times - I didn't know that there were gears when you were going in reverse...

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