Most drama movie factual errors of 1991

1JFK pictureJFK (1991)8
2Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves pictureRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)8
3Point Break picturePoint Break (1991)6
4Bugsy pictureBugsy (1991)4
5Backdraft pictureBackdraft (1991)3
6Beauty and the Beast pictureBeauty and the Beast (1991)3
7Sleeping with the Enemy pictureSleeping with the Enemy (1991)3
8Thelma and Louise pictureThelma and Louise (1991)2
9My Girl pictureMy Girl (1991)2
10The Doors pictureThe Doors (1991)2
11Dutch pictureDutch (1991)2
12Other People's Money pictureOther People's Money (1991)1
13Ricochet pictureRicochet (1991)1
14Fried Green Tomatoes pictureFried Green Tomatoes (1991)1
15Let Him Have It pictureLet Him Have It (1991)1
16Little Man Tate pictureLittle Man Tate (1991)1
17My Own Private Idaho pictureMy Own Private Idaho (1991)1
18Boyz n the Hood pictureBoyz n the Hood (1991)1
19Double Impact pictureDouble Impact (1991)1



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