Most movie plot holes of 1990

1Die Hard 2 pictureDie Hard 2 (1990)4
2Tales from the Darkside: The Movie pictureTales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)3
3Captain America pictureCaptain America (1990)2
4Total Recall pictureTotal Recall (1990)2
5Edward Scissorhands pictureEdward Scissorhands (1990)2
6Taking Care of Business pictureTaking Care of Business (1990)2
7Ghost pictureGhost (1990)2
8Hard to Kill pictureHard to Kill (1990)1
9Slumber Party Massacre III pictureSlumber Party Massacre III (1990)1
10Home Alone pictureHome Alone (1990)1
11The Final Sacrifice (1990)1
12The Hunt for Red October pictureThe Hunt for Red October (1990)1
13Maniac Cop 2 pictureManiac Cop 2 (1990)1
14Kindergarten Cop pictureKindergarten Cop (1990)1
15Pacific Heights picturePacific Heights (1990)1
16Green Card pictureGreen Card (1990)1
17Presumed Innocent picturePresumed Innocent (1990)1
18The Dark Side of the Moon pictureThe Dark Side of the Moon (1990)1
19Quigley Down Under pictureQuigley Down Under (1990)1
20Predator 2 picturePredator 2 (1990)1
21Men at Work pictureMen at Work (1990)1
22Child's Play 2 pictureChild's Play 2 (1990)1
23The Witches pictureThe Witches (1990)1
24Darkman pictureDarkman (1990)1
25The Freshman pictureThe Freshman (1990)1
26Days of Thunder pictureDays of Thunder (1990)1
27Havana pictureHavana (1990)1
28The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter pictureThe NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)1



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