Most movie mistakes of 1983

1Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi pictureStar Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)205
2Superman III pictureSuperman III (1983)175
3A Christmas Story pictureA Christmas Story (1983)93
4Octopussy pictureOctopussy (1983)75
5WarGames pictureWarGames (1983)43
6Scarface pictureScarface (1983)41
7Jaws 3-D pictureJaws 3-D (1983)38
8The Meaning of Life pictureThe Meaning of Life (1983)33
9Never Say Never Again pictureNever Say Never Again (1983)30
10National Lampoon's Vacation pictureNational Lampoon's Vacation (1983)25
11Revenge of the Ninja pictureRevenge of the Ninja (1983)25
12Trading Places pictureTrading Places (1983)23
13Cujo pictureCujo (1983)23
14Psycho II picturePsycho II (1983)20
15Blue Thunder pictureBlue Thunder (1983)20
16Flashdance pictureFlashdance (1983)20
17The Outsiders pictureThe Outsiders (1983)19
18The Right Stuff pictureThe Right Stuff (1983)19
19Christine pictureChristine (1983)19
20Terms of Endearment pictureTerms of Endearment (1983)16
21Mr. Mom pictureMr. Mom (1983)15
22Risky Business pictureRisky Business (1983)13
23Smokey and the Bandit III pictureSmokey and the Bandit III (1983)12
24Valley Girl pictureValley Girl (1983)11
25The Thorn Birds pictureThe Thorn Birds (1983)10
26Bad Boys pictureBad Boys (1983)10
27The Dead Zone pictureThe Dead Zone (1983)9
28Sudden Impact pictureSudden Impact (1983)9
29Krull pictureKrull (1983)8
30The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Fifteen Years Later Affair pictureThe Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Fifteen Years Later Affair (1983)7
31The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew pictureThe Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew (1983)6
32The Survivors pictureThe Survivors (1983)6
33Nightmares pictureNightmares (1983)6
34Mickey's Christmas Carol pictureMickey's Christmas Carol (1983)6
35Porky's II: The Next Day picturePorky's II: The Next Day (1983)5
36Silkwood pictureSilkwood (1983)5
37Yellowbeard pictureYellowbeard (1983)5
38All the Right Moves pictureAll the Right Moves (1983)5
39Brainstorm pictureBrainstorm (1983)5
40Sleepaway Camp pictureSleepaway Camp (1983)4
41The Big Chill pictureThe Big Chill (1983)4
4210 to Midnight picture10 to Midnight (1983)4
43Educating Rita pictureEducating Rita (1983)3
44Twilight Zone: The Movie pictureTwilight Zone: The Movie (1983)3
45Stroker Ace pictureStroker Ace (1983)3
46Eddie and the Cruisers pictureEddie and the Cruisers (1983)3
47The Day After pictureThe Day After (1983)2
48Still Smokin' pictureStill Smokin' (1983)2
49Uncommon Valor pictureUncommon Valor (1983)2
50High Road to China pictureHigh Road to China (1983)2
51Phar Lap picturePhar Lap (1983)2
52The Man with Two Brains pictureThe Man with Two Brains (1983)2
53Tiger Town pictureTiger Town (1983)1
54BMX Bandits pictureBMX Bandits (1983)1
55Staying Alive pictureStaying Alive (1983)1
56Project A pictureProject A (1983)1
57Gorky Park pictureGorky Park (1983)1
58Breathless pictureBreathless (1983)1
59Yentl pictureYentl (1983)1
60Doctor Detroit pictureDoctor Detroit (1983)1
61The Star Chamber pictureThe Star Chamber (1983)1
62Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone pictureSpacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983)1
63Duel to the Death pictureDuel to the Death (1983)1
64Under Fire pictureUnder Fire (1983)1
65Betrayal pictureBetrayal (1983)1
66Local Hero pictureLocal Hero (1983)1