Most action movie mistakes of 1975

1Race With the Devil pictureRace With the Devil (1975)66
2The Eiger Sanction pictureThe Eiger Sanction (1975)12
3Dolemite pictureDolemite (1975)4
4Brannigan pictureBrannigan (1975)4
5Bite the Bullet pictureBite the Bullet (1975)3
6Death Race 2000 pictureDeath Race 2000 (1975)3
7French Connection II pictureFrench Connection II (1975)3
8The Man Who Would Be King pictureThe Man Who Would Be King (1975)3
9Terror of Mechagodzilla pictureTerror of Mechagodzilla (1975)3
10Mitchell pictureMitchell (1975)2
11Rollerball pictureRollerball (1975)2