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Bite the Bullet (1975)

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Continuity mistake: Near the end, Sam Clayton is nearing the finish. The audio leads you to believe that the horse is breathing VERY hard, but when the camera shows the horse, the nostrils are NOT flared as they would be on a horse that has been run to exhaustion (or even down the block). Also, the people filming this scene obviously have no clue about the nature of sweating in horses. They showed "lather" all through the horse's mane. The ONLY places horses will lather while sweating is where something is rubbing, i.e. underneath the saddle, the bridle or breast collar, where the reins rub on the neck or between their back legs.

Continuity mistake: The movie's about a race between several characters, starting in Colorado and going through Kansas. There's a scene with a Sahara-like desert, there are no deserts of that nature anywhere between Denver and Kansas City.

Factual error: The motorcycle is not right for the period. It looks like a 1970's Kawasaki stripped down. Look at the rear wheel (too big), motor is 2 stroke (not one), and the exhaust has a muffler.

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Suggested correction: There is no such thing as a one stroke engine.


I don't really follow the technology, but I happen to know there were at least one-stroke prototypes years ago. That aside, a "single-stroke" is possible, but may depend on how it is defined. That is, there will be an accompanying reverse "stroke" ["to" and "fro"], perhaps categorizing it as two-strokes? The "factual error" and your correction may both be correct, using different perspectives or definitions.


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Question: When the motorcycle went into the trees and was pulled out, was that in the script?

Answer: Also, those weren't stuntmen.

Answer: No but the accident was left in the film.

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