Most movie continuity mistakes of 1965

1Thunderball pictureThunderball (1965)54
2The Sound of Music pictureThe Sound of Music (1965)44
3The Great Race pictureThe Great Race (1965)15
4We Give Pink Stamps pictureWe Give Pink Stamps (1965)11
5For a Few Dollars More pictureFor a Few Dollars More (1965)9
6Help! pictureHelp! (1965)9
7A Charlie Brown Christmas pictureA Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)9
8Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines pictureThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965)7
9Morozko pictureMorozko (1965)7
10Battle of the Bulge pictureBattle of the Bulge (1965)6
11Doctor Zhivago pictureDoctor Zhivago (1965)5
12The Sons of Katie Elder pictureThe Sons of Katie Elder (1965)5
13In Harm's Way pictureIn Harm's Way (1965)5
14Village of the Giants pictureVillage of the Giants (1965)4
15The Hill pictureThe Hill (1965)4
16The Flight of the Phoenix pictureThe Flight of the Phoenix (1965)3
17None But the Brave pictureNone But the Brave (1965)2
18The Ipcress File pictureThe Ipcress File (1965)2
19Shenandoah pictureShenandoah (1965)2
20The Greatest Story Ever Told pictureThe Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)2
21That Darn Cat pictureThat Darn Cat (1965)2
22The Loved One pictureThe Loved One (1965)1
23The Cincinnati Kid pictureThe Cincinnati Kid (1965)1
24The Tenth Victim pictureThe Tenth Victim (1965)1
25The War Lord pictureThe War Lord (1965)1
26Inside Daisy Clover pictureInside Daisy Clover (1965)1
27Do Not Disturb pictureDo Not Disturb (1965)1
28The Heroes of Telemark pictureThe Heroes of Telemark (1965)1
29The Big Job (1965)1
30The Hallelujah Trail pictureThe Hallelujah Trail (1965)1
31The Eye Creatures pictureThe Eye Creatures (1965)1
3236 Hours picture36 Hours (1965)1
33Girl Happy pictureGirl Happy (1965)1

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