Most movie trivia of 1960

1Psycho picturePsycho (1960)28
2The Alamo pictureThe Alamo (1960)6
3Spartacus pictureSpartacus (1960)4
4The Time Machine pictureThe Time Machine (1960)3
5The Magnificent Seven pictureThe Magnificent Seven (1960)3
6Carry On, Constable pictureCarry On, Constable (1960)3
7Pollyanna picturePollyanna (1960)3
8The Lost World pictureThe Lost World (1960)2
9The Entertainer pictureThe Entertainer (1960)1
10Sink the Bismarck pictureSink the Bismarck (1960)1
11Sergeant Rutledge pictureSergeant Rutledge (1960)1
12Inherit the Wind pictureInherit the Wind (1960)1
13The Apartment pictureThe Apartment (1960)1
14The Little Shop of Horrors pictureThe Little Shop of Horrors (1960)1
15Kidnapped pictureKidnapped (1960)1
1613 Ghosts picture13 Ghosts (1960)1
17Rabbit's Feat (1960)1
18Person to Bunny picturePerson to Bunny (1960)1