Jackie Menechino

10th Nov 2003

Elf (2003)

Corrected entry: During the scene where everybody is caroling, there is a close up of the boy telling his dad that he is just moving his lips. In this closeup, the man in the background is just standing there smiling, but in the very next shot, we see him singing.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: That child that is talking to his father is Michael the brother of Buddy the Elf that scene was meant to be in the movie since Michael's dad does not believe in Christmas.

Corrected entry: As Felicity drives Austin away from his pad, you can tell that she is on a green screen because there are parts where she turns the wheel, but the car doesn't turn.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: It is obvious this was done on purpose, to mock old-movies with bad blue-screen effects.

2nd Sep 2003

S.W.A.T. (2003)

Corrected entry: When Gamble and Street are getting moved down in their division, the chief calls Street back in to talk to him. Throughout their conversation the chrome garbage can next to the chief shows the reflection of the cameraman. You may think it is just Street, but if you look closely you can tell that the color of his shirt is black, not blue, and he is wearing short sleeves.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: Firstly, it's not a garbage can, it's a desk lamp. Secondly, it's impossible to make out a reflection of any person, let alone distinguish colour of clothing. Besides, like everyone else in the team, Street wears a black shirt, not blue.

Phil Watts

Corrected entry: Just after Nigel finishes saying what he hates in the world, Austin turns his head and says "what", but if you look at his mouth, he doesn't move his lips.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: It isn't Austin saying this. The voice is higher than Austin's, just like Goldmember's. Plus it sounded horrified, and Austin would be just questioning his father doing one of the things he himself hates most, disrespecting another person's culture. So it must've been Goldmember's.

28th Oct 2003

School of Rock (2003)

Corrected entry: As Dewey is taking a pee in one of the school urinals, you can hear his urine hitting the toilet, but you can't actually see any coming out of him.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: He is standing at an angle to the camera and is blocking the pee.

25th Sep 2003

The Simpsons (1989)

Correction: However, it is NOT possible for the Simpsons to live in Kentucky. The Simpsons' beach is an OCEAN BEACH. It not only has whales and dolphins in it, it also (in several episodes) is used as a transportation/trade route. Remember the shipment of Hot Pants in the "soul mate" episode? Remember the time Willy was deported because of the illegal immigrant laws? The fact that there's a rocky shoreline and a lighthouse (even one operated by E.A.R.L) shows oceanfront. There (for the geographically impaired) is NO OCEAN in Kentucky. In addition, there's no Evergreen Terrace (nor Evergreen St., Ct., Ave., Blvd., etc) in Springfield KY.


Springfield contiguously changes, that's part of the running gag. Sometimes it's landlocked.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Austin is doing cartwheels out of the studio, you can see that it is not Mike Myers, but a stunt double. (For example, he is wearing no glasses.)

Jackie Menechino

Correction: Duplicated mistake

Corrected entry: Just before Foxxy collects Fat Bastard's "diaper" he looks at his poop and says something. You can see that only half of his body is casting a shadow, but the other half that is not casting a shadow is nowhere to be seen.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: The lamp isn't located right behind Fat Bastard, it's to the left, therefore we see half his shadow, without seeing his body.


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