Brian Houghton 0c56

19th Jul 2021

Murder, She Wrote (1984)

J.B. As in Jailbird - S5-E1

Plot hole: When Jessica is arrested for the murder of the enemy agent. Her purse is confiscated. It was reported stolen by Michael Haggerty. But throughout the whole show none of the cops looked at her ID. Besides that she's a famous women and someone at the police station would definitely know who she is.

Brian Houghton 0c56

Magnum On Ice (2) - S3-E8

Plot hole: There were 3 gunshots. 1 from Magnum, 1 from the killer and 1 from the victim. Yet they arrest Magnum with checking the bullet striations. He would be declared innocent almost immediately. (00:17:00)

Brian Houghton 0c56

Unfinished Business - S3-E3

Plot hole: Barney Kale decides to reopen a case he couldn't solve. Based on the outcome it makes no logic whatsoever. He is the murderer. Why would he bring attention to it put himself in danger? (00:46:50)

Brian Houghton 0c56

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Suggested correction: He was being blackmailed by Gary Roberts. He "reopened" the case as a ruse to kill Roberts.


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