25th Nov 2018

Wall Street (1987)

New this month Factual error: Bud Fox is sitting in the limo with the hooker talking about Hewlett Packard stocks. Bud says: "HP...now, let's see. It closed at 41 1/4." HP stock price was nowhere near that price until the 90s.


20th Mar 2018

WarGames (1983)

Factual error: At the end of the movie WOPR tries to crack the launch-code using brute force. So far so good. When WOPR finds out one digit of the 10 digit code, the first digit locks and the search goes on with the remaining 9 digits. Then he finds the second one, it locks too and so on. Problem is, brute force doesn't work that way. It would be too easy (26 letters and 10 numbers = only 36 possibilities for one digit). Brute-Force works only "all or nothing", you can't sneak your way to the whole code one by one.


9th Feb 2018

Mine (2016)

Factual error: Scout Sniper Mike on a desert mission steps on a mine only to realise he has done so before stepping off it. The whole movie is about him standing in the desert with his left foot on the mine (waiting for rescue), and fighting against thirst, sand storms, wild dogs, the enemy and so on. The problem is, there is no mine (maybe never was) where someone has to step off it before it explodes. All mechanisms are configured to explode when someone steps on it.


11th Dec 2017

The Prestige (2006)

Factual error: When Angier and Cutter are looking for a new workshop they enter a room, with a fully glassed wall on one side. A very modern white radiator is in the room. (00:35:00)


Factual error: In the first minutes of the movie, Bond is in an Albatross L-39 ZA, ejecting his enemy (in the back seat, who wants to strangulate him), not himself (in the front seat). Bond unlocks the ejection system with the switch on the console, but in reality ejection in that aircraft is triggered by a double firing handle on the seat pan.


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