Thomas Norris

Corrected entry: When Rey catches the light saber at the end the high side of the handle is facing outwards but when she turns it on the high side is now facing inwards.

Correction: There is enough time between shots for her to turn the hilt around.

Thomas Norris

16th Aug 2016

Under Siege 2 (1995)

Corrected entry: Dane needed the train to be moving to cloak his satellite, but the entire braintrust of the military, and Casey Ryback, didn't think to simply cut power to the third rail to stop the train.

Ray Gordon 9827

Correction: It's not an electric train. It's pulled by diesel engines.

Thomas Norris

Corrected entry: Marty's sister stated at the dinner table that grandma hit his dad with the car, but in the 1955 scene it was the grandfather that hit him.

31st Jul 2015

Blazing Saddles (1974)

Corrected entry: After Harvey Korman buys his ticket to enter the movie theater, he goes to the concession stand and asks for Raisinets. Raisinets come in a yellow box. He is given a white box, which either Goobers or Snowcaps are packaged in.

Correction: Raisinets used to come in a white box in the 70s.

Thomas Norris

11th Nov 2013

Ghostbusters (1984)

Correction: The dream ghost was Kymberly Herrin - Playboy playmate of the month for March 1981.

Thomas Norris

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