James King III

24th Jul 2008

Wall-E (2008)

Correction: Once Eve drops the bubble wrap, the bubble wrap doesn't fall directly at her feet - it can be seen beside the shelf. When Eve dropped it it probably drifted to the side because of how light it was. The bubble wrap can also be seen in another shot during that scene, where Wall-E moves to the far end of the vehicle and the screen shows a full shot of Eve along with the most of the vehicle's inside. In the shot if you look closely, the bubble wrap is lying beside the shelf.

25th Jul 2005

The Island (2005)

Corrected entry: In the end, how did all the 'products' (clones) leave their building? The main section is undamaged, so they still can't leave without a door card - not to mention the company had already culled out all those with 'human curiosity about the outside'. They can't all be the ones from the incinerator rooms, as they said it was $200M worth of defective product at $5M a pop = 40 people; even with some give there's too many.

James King III

Correction: The fifteen or so who escape from the incenerator plus the rest of the fourty waiting to die come out of one door and the others in the facility overpower the gaurds which you see because they're in a mob. The ones without human curiousity wouldn't go out to find the truth but if it's staring them right in the face then they realise that it's all been a lie and feel trapped.

23rd Feb 2006

Doom (2005)

Corrected entry: The skeleton of Lucy and her child- they wouldn't die in that position (her shielding the baby) if there were mutants/demons attacking; she'd be torn apart, thrown against a rock/wall, etc. as would the child. The only way they could die and be preserved in that manner would be if she died from a volcano (ie Pompeii). When asked "How did [she] die?" Samantha replies "We don't know". Death by volcano is easy for a master archaeologist to spot.

James King III

Correction: Reaper and Samantha are not talking about Lucy and her child specifically, but the entire race they belonged to. Sam describes how their extra chromosome made them smarter, stronger and healthier, and also how the extra chromosome must have been artificially made, since earlier skeletons don't have it. Reaper then asks "If they were so smart, how come they're so dead?", to which the answer is "we don't know". So the conversation is about why an entire race of advanced beings suddenly died out, something a volcanic eruption would not be capable of.


After they finish discussing how such a super race died out, Reaper makes a rhetorical statement asking what she was protecting the baby from. Ultimately I think this is a character mistake by Reaper, assuming the skeletons were found in the same position as they are being displayed.


1st Aug 2005

Stealth (2005)

Corrected entry: How could Gannon (Talon 1) possibly have been chosen for such an exclusive squad? He doesn't follow a single order given throughout the entire movie, and for such delicate operations they are obviously designed and assigned to, you'd expect them to take someone more reliable.

James King III

Correction: Lt Gannon was obviously an excellent pilot and a team player, as witnessed by the opening training sequence. He must have been selected on these merits. The actions he took against his orders were to either accomplish an important mission or to save innocent lives.

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