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Corrected entry: When the RRTS squad first enters the research part of the facility they take an air sample. The sample shows Chromium, Magnesium and Lead. The symbol used for lead in the movie is Ld, not Pb as it should be.

Correction: There's nothing to suggest they're using the periodic table symbols. They're just 2 letter abbreviations. These are soldiers, not scientist, so "LD" for "lead" would make more sense to them.


Corrected entry: Throughout the film, Sarge refers to his men as "soldiers" and even addresses his own men as "soldier" at times. Marines never call themselves soldiers, as soldiers only pertain to the army.

Correction: This is purely an opinion based on present-day Marines who, for all we know, have no links of any kind to the futuristic group portrayed in the film. Sarge can call his troops anything he wants, short of getting their names wrong, without it being a mistake.


Corrected entry: The skeleton of Lucy and her child- they wouldn't die in that position (her shielding the baby) if there were mutants/demons attacking; she'd be torn apart, thrown against a rock/wall, etc. as would the child. The only way they could die and be preserved in that manner would be if she died from a volcano (ie Pompeii). When asked "How did [she] die?" Samantha replies "We don't know". Death by volcano is easy for a master archaeologist to spot.

James King III

Correction: Reaper and Samantha are not talking about Lucy and her child specifically, but the entire race they belonged to. Sam describes how their extra chromosome made them smarter, stronger and healthier, and also how the extra chromosome must have been artificially made, since earlier skeletons don't have it. Reaper then asks "If they were so smart, how come they're so dead?", to which the answer is "we don't know". So the conversation is about why an entire race of advanced beings suddenly died out, something a volcanic eruption would not be capable of.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Samantha Grimm and Duke are carrying the wounded Dr. Carmack to the lab, all of the sudden a new character appears in the scene to assist them. This brunette female in a lab coat wasn't with the soldiers or Samantha when they entered the complex through the airlock, nor was she helping them with Dr. Carmack prior to this scene. Now all of the sudden she appears from nowhere to help them and no one question who she is or where she came from. Then a few minutes later Samantha tells her to go ahead and leave to be with her daughter. What daughter? Then she just leaves the lab unescorted.

Correction: Sam already knows who the woman is, as she says that she's sure the woman's husband was okay. So obviously they have been working together, which is also how Sam knew the woman had a daughter and told her to go be with her. As for her leaving unescorted, I believe this was before they knew any monsters were roaming about or that they felt the RRTS had the problem under control.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John Grimm and The Kid are in the sewer and The Kid is rambling on, John pins him against the wall and notices his eyes are dilated and asks if he is high. Even though he is on something, his eyes would be dilated anyway being that they are in a dark sewer.

Correction: There's a difference in pupils being dilated to see in darkness, and being dilated from being high. If high, they are slow to respond, and usually fill out almost the entire iris. If adjusted to dark, they will be more responsive to changes in light, and not quite as large.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Duke and Samantha are in the lab and Goat stands up behind the glass, right before he kills himself he makes the sign of the cross. However, he touches his forehead, chest, right shoulder, and then left shoulder. The correct order is touching the left shoulder and then the right shoulder.

Correction: Orthodox Christians make the sign of the cross touching their right shoulder first, the way Goat does.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, the Rock and the gang get back to the arc station in Nevada and everyone in the staff gets infected. At one point, the Rock starts shooting at a monster and runs out of bullets. He throws his gun down and begins to pull his other gun off his shoulder. While doing this, he bangs the gun on a pipe behind him making a loud noise and a funny facial expression.

Correction: And the mistake is what, precisely? Because, let's face it, people do accidentally bang things in real life.


Corrected entry: Dr. Carmack is placed in the medical lab after being found, carried in through the nanowall. Said wall isn't left open and unwatched afterwards, yet he manages to get on the other side of it. It is established that there are other routes out of the laboratory, but if they enable one to reach the other side of the nanowall, what is its purpose there in the first place?

Correction: Goat retained enough thought and sence to be able to kill himself after being reanimated; Carmack could easily use the wall.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, Sam states that C-24 enables greatly accelerated cellular growth and regrowth. Judging by the rapidity of mutation of the bad guys affected with it, the same applies to the 'demons'. Even more so, Reaper's wounds from before his transformation heal after it is done. However, that is not the case with Dr. Willkins' appendix, Dr. Carmack's ear, and Pinky's lower half, thus letting the viewers and characters recognize them.

Correction: There is a difference between repairing injury (i.e. healing a cut to the face) and rebuilding lost organs or structures (such as the non-regenerating cartilage of an ear, an appendix or an entire half of the body). The regenerative powers are depicted entirely consistently.



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There is blood on Samantha's gloved hand when she presses the keypad, but there is no blood on the keypad after she removes her hand.



The B.F.G. is a weapon that dates back to the game "Doom" back in 1993. There, it was the 'ultimate' weapon which, when fired, cleared the screen of foes in a great sickly green blast, consuming enormous amounts of ammo. It has showed up in various later games by both ID Software and third parties. Up to this movie, the acronym was never explained directly - although Sarge's version, "Big f**king gun" was for a long time the community's accepted name (also used in the original Doom design document, but not the game itself), and is most likely a homage to that.