Corrected entry: In the store that Jules and Jess go into in London to get football clothing the sign above the store says soccer instead of football. No UK shop uses "soccer".

Correction: Back in 2002, there were actual shops call Sports Soccer in the UK. They have since changed the name to Sports Direct.


20th Aug 2009

Doctor Who (2005)

Correction: I've watched this episode again and the sign on the staircase says N3 not E3.


Corrected entry: Dave's Aunt Jackie introduces Toby to the chipmunks as her grandson. When she is leaving in the ambulance, Toby referenced her as "Aunt Jackie", not Grandma.

Correction: This was actually not a mistake because Toby was talking to Dave Seville at the time, and he was describing her from Dave's point of view.


Not true he is not talking to Dave.

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