2nd Jan 2012

Doctor Who (2005)

Correction: This happens several times throughout the series (such as in "Closing Time" in series 6). It suggests that the blue (or sometimes white) light is actually used as a torch instead of the green light, as blue and white are better colours for torches than green.

Exactly right. That version of the sonic screwdriver is shown to have a flashlight function.

2nd Jan 2011

Doctor Who (2005)

Correction: Toby/The Beast turned around. It's even visible.

25th Feb 2011

Ghost Rider (2007)

Corrected entry: In the interstate scene where Johnny stops his bike in front of the news van, he gets off his bike and leaves it parked in front of the van. However, he doesn't have a chance to move his bike before the van starts to drive off. Did the van run over his bike?


Correction: When he stops his bike in front of the van and talks to the girl, the driver does in fact drive around the bike. He backs up first.

17th Mar 2012

Doctor Who (2005)

Daleks in Manhattan (1) - S3-E4

Corrected entry: When The Doctor, Martha, Solomon, and Frank first enter the sewers, Frank mentions, "You could hide a lorry down here." Lorry is a British term, not an American one. Because this story is set in the United States, he should say, "You could hide a truck down here."


Correction: Frank says "you could hide an ARMY down here".


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