Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Corrected entry: When the girls are in the cage, Jeanette's glasses are outside of the cage. After they pick the lock, Jeanette's glasses are back on, with no time for her to retrieve them between shots.

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Correction: If you watch the scene again, you'll notice that her glasses are actually on Ian's coat. When the girls notice Ian returning and throw the cell phone back onto his coat, it causes the glasses to pop up and fall into the cage.

Corrected entry: On the football field at West Eastmen High, when Ryan makes an "A" with his fingers, besides him is the actual school logo: a bear.

Correction: Ryan wasn't making an "A" for either team; he was making an "A" as a signal to the coach to let Alvin in the game. He even mouthed "Alvin" if I remember correctly.

Corrected entry: In the first film, Simon gets his glasses from a christmas decoration because before he went into LA he didn't know what glasses were. But in this film, Jeanette is already wearing glasses just as she has left her climate.

Correction: We can't speculate whether Jeanette had got her glasses from the climate.

Corrected entry: When Alvin throws the Wii remote at the TV the screen goes blank before the remote hits it.

Correction: Not true. Watched the scene several times and it turns off a split-second after the remote hits it.

Corrected entry: During the scene when the one guy is covering the tv after the wii remote incident, you can see a boom mike in the scene.

Correction: Already pointed out.

Corrected entry: Part of the plot hinges on the fact that the music department has limited funds and is in danger of being shut down. And yet the Chipettes' performance at the school is on a expensive-looking stage with a very sophisticated lighting system. Nice use of budget.

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Correction: That system obviously wasn't put in that same year. It's from years gone by, when the district had more money to devote to the music program. It could also have come from money for the drama department, and the music department simply takes advantage of the fact that they're there. The budget money goes to the ones who bring cash back into the school.

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Corrected entry: Dave's Aunt Jackie introduces Toby to the chipmunks as her grandson. When she is leaving in the ambulance, Toby referenced her as "Aunt Jackie", not Grandma.

Correction: This was actually not a mistake because Toby was talking to Dave Seville at the time, and he was describing her from Dave's point of view.


Not true he is not talking to Dave.

Continuity mistake: When Ian films the Chipettes during the sing-off, he says, "If you like what you see then call Ian Hawke." But when someone else plays the video back later, he says, "If you're interested, then call Ian Hawke."

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Alvin: Don't worry about picking us up after school, Toby. We'll catch a ride - IN A HEARSE!

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Question: How did Brittney even know Tobey's phone number, and why would Ian sit his phone right next to them?

Answer: Alvin could have easily known Toby's number and told it to her. Ian just simply put down his phone not even thinking that the chipettes could get at it from inside of the carrier.

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