Continuity mistake: When Harry and Hermione are back in time and hiding in the woods. Notice that Hermione has a bruise/sore on the bottom corner of her lip that keeps appearing and disappearing.


27th Nov 2004

7th Heaven (1996)

Gratitude - S9-E10

Continuity mistake: While Ruthie is talking to Martin on the phone her jelly bracelets on her arm change from being separated hanging down her arm to together right on her wrist.


16th Nov 2004

The Polar Express (2004)

Continuity mistake: When the boy runs out of his house, as the train is arriving, they make a point of showing his footprints in the snow along with his sliding leaving long marks. However, when they pan back it is his footprints that are gone.


28th Jul 2004

Mystic Pizza (1988)

Continuity mistake: in the scene where Daisy is running from Charlie's home after he ruins dinner she is carrying a clutch purse; once she is outside she no longer has the purse.


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