Leonard Hassen

Continuity mistake: When the raiders first arrive at the mall which is surrounded by zombies, the zombies are standing on the curb waving their arms and standing still like a receiving line. Every other time, they attack, but not in this instance.

Leonard Hassen

2nd Feb 2005

Carrie (1976)

Continuity mistake: After Carrie wreaks havoc on the high school prom and exits the high school Gym at the end keep an eye on the streamers in the windows. They aren't even burning. You can tell the fire is super-imposed by the camera.

Leonard Hassen

12th Nov 2004

Desperado (1995)

Continuity mistake: When the fight breaks out in the bar during the opening song with El Mariachi and his bandmates, he motions for them to join him to break up the fight. After he breaks it up his bandmates reappear on stage like they never left.

Leonard Hassen

28th Sep 2004

Kingpin (1996)

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