20th Oct 2013

World War Z (2013)

Factual error: Gerry and Thierry use Iridium 9555 satellite telephones to communicate with each other. These telephones require a clear view of the satellites in order to operate, however both are able to communicate even when a clear view of the sky is impossible, such as inside an aircraft or in the bowels of a warship.


2nd Jan 2010

Invictus (2009)

Factual error: In the scene towards the end of the film where Mandela is leaving the stadium after the final match, the vehicle he is travelling in has a modern registration plate with a "GP" (Gauteng Province) suffix. These only came into use well after the World Cup. Interestingly, other vehicles shown in the scene (and in other scenes as well) have historically accurate "T" (Transvaal) suffixes.


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