Lynette Carrington

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom mistake picture

Continuity mistake: A large pile of cash mysteriously appears on the table in the nightclub scene when Indy asks for the diamond. The glass nearby also refills itself. (00:04:15)

Lynette Carrington

2nd Nov 2003

Disclosure (1994)

Continuity mistake: After Meredith Johnson is "turned down", she goes storming out of her office after Tom Sanders. She leans very far over the stair rail to yell at him. In the following shots, it alternates between Meredith standing nearly straight up and leaning way over so the camera could get a cleavage shot.

Lynette Carrington

Continuity mistake: When Harrison and Josh are in the Mustang in the final chase scene, Harrison's seat belt is on then off throughout the entire scene.

Lynette Carrington
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Inside the zeppelin when Indy and his father are talking at the table, notice the white handkerchief that moves all around the table. (01:13:50)

Lynette Carrington

18th Sep 2003

Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Doug is running from the bad guys after finding out what was going on from his "wife", he tucks his big gun in to his jacket pocket. When he is running through the scanner, that big gun is now in his pants. (00:28:15)

Lynette Carrington

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