Lynette Carrington

3rd Jul 2003

Witness (1985)

Corrected entry: Why and how could Eli and Rachel carry the injured John up to the 2nd floor, after they had such trouble to even load him onto the cart? (00:37:00)


Correction: Who is to say they didn't get help from someone else? This portion of the film is never shown...not necessarily a mistake.

Lynette Carrington

Corrected entry: Robin chartered the plane to fly to Tahiti for a photo-shoot for one night. Yet after they've crashed, we see her go back into the plane to get a change of clothes, and she had a bag with at least 5 different changes. Just how long was she planning to spend in Tahiti?

Correction: Being a professional at a fashion magazine, she was prepared. Outfits for casual, possible meetings, maybe dinner, work attire etc.

Lynette Carrington

Corrected entry: The photo in the picture frame that Claire breaks is a newspaper clipping of Norman receiving an award. She turns the clipping around and sees an article about the missing Madison. How could the article be in the same paper as the award ceremony if that was the night Claire discovered Norman was having an affair with Madison?

Correction: Sometimes award ceremonies, etc. are covered some time LATER after the event has taken place at which time, Madison could have been missing already.

Lynette Carrington

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