2 Guns

Factual error: The door handles on the Challenger are the wrong handles for all makes of the Challenger in the 70s.

Revealing mistake: During the big shoot-out at the end, the close-up of the brown Ford pickup is flipped side to side. Check out the F150 logo on the fender, which appears as a mirror image.

Continuity mistake: Just before Denzel opens the door to Mark's truck in front of "Papi's" house the truck door wasn't closed completely. When Denzel attempts to open the door it's now completely closed. (00:54:00)

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Stig: They're torturing chickens, man.
Bobby: What is that you're eating.
Stig: A chicken.

Earl: You're still a drug dealer. And I'm still the government of the United States. It's a free market, Manny. Not a free world.

Bobby: If Papi knew we were even talkin' about rippin' off Tres Cruces it would be our heads in that bag next to the potato salad.
Stig: No way. Our two heads would never fit in a bag that small.

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