A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Continuity mistake: When Charlie Brown is doing the dog food for Snoopy, the amount of food in Snoopy's dish changes between the kitchen and the dog house.

Continuity mistake: After Linus wins the game of noughts and crosses with Charlie Brown, he puts down his stick and leaves. When we see Charlie Brown in the next shot, both his and Linus's stick have moved positions.

Continuity mistake: When Lucy is writing the numbers on the piece of paper when she is at the desk, you can see she puts the pen on the paper when she says "Lucy Van Pelt Inc", but in the next shot the pen is back in its holder.

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Linus Van Pelt: You look like you've been through shock treatment or something.
Charlie Brown: What's more shocking than having your faults projected on a screen?

Linus Van Pelt: This blanket is a necessity. It keeps me from cracking up. It may be regarded as a spiritual tourniquet. Without it, I'd be nothing, a ship without a rudder.

Linus Van Pelt: Well, I can understand how you feel. You worked hard, studying for the spelling bee, and I suppose you feel you let everyone down, and you made a fool of yourself and everything. But did you notice something, Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: What's that?
Linus Van Pelt: The world didn't come to an end.

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