Night Owls

Continuity mistake: Edgar Kennedy plays a cop who persuades Laurel & Hardy to break into the police chief's home so he can arrest them and "get in good with the Chief." Jimmy Finlayson plays the Chief's servant. When he hears noises, he stumbles at the top of the stairs and falls down the staircase. When he lands (it is obviously a stunt double), he is sprawled parallel to the stairs with his legs pointing to the right. In the close-up, he has reversed position and his legs are pointing to the left.

Continuity mistake: When James Finlayson rolls down the stairs, he breaks a vase at the bottom, which appears intact a few scenes later.

Continuity mistake: When Oliver says "Come on, let's go!" to Stan, you can see that Oliver is by the wall and Stan is next to him. In the next shot, the two have changed positions.

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