The Hangover Part 2

Factual error: The protagonists travel to the wedding resort at Krabi on Thailand's West coast from Bangkok by speedboat in a relatively short time. To travel from Bangkok to Krabi by sea would involve a 1,500 mile journey through the straits of Malacca via Singapore and would have taken them at least 48 hours, non stop, with additional fuel onboard.

Continuity mistake: When Phil, Alan and Stu are sat in the diner near the start of the movie, the amount of orange juice in Phil's glass changes between shots, even though Phil doesn't drink from it once.


Continuity mistake: When Alan is at the hospital eating a watermelon, there are dribble stains on his lap. When he goes outside his pants are dry.

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Phil: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually jealous of you. I mean Lauren is an angel.
Doug: Yeah, she really is amazing.
Stu: Ah, you guys are sweet.
Phil: Not big breasts on her, but still a solid rack for an Asian.

Alan: When a monkey nibbles on a penis, it's funny in any language.

Stu: I think I belong here. Open up a little dentist's office. Teeth cleanings with a happy ending.

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