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The Hangover Part 2 (2011)

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Corrected entry: Bradley Cooper calls Stu "Ed" when they are fleeing from Russians with the monkey.

Correction: He actually says "Pull that f*****g monkey IN," not Ed.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, when Phil (Bradley Cooper) goes with his friends on the roof of the hotel to search for their friend, he approaches the edge of the roof which is made of concrete.In the next scene, different angle shot, the same edge is a railing made of metal.


Correction: Though it seems to be that way, in fact Phil steps on to the concrete ledge to get to the railing. Also Stu steps up to get to Phil in the same sequence.

Corrected entry: When they leave the monkey outside the vets for it to be saved, when they give it a cigarette you can see that it is hollow and there is no tobacco in there. However for the remaining shots there is tobacco in the cigarette.

Correction: Actualyy there is tobacco inside the whole time,its just been packed.


Corrected entry: Teddy's severed finger had a Stanford ring on it. But he wouldn't have gotten a ring until he graduated and he was still a pre-med student.

Correction: Rings are available for purchase starting from the junior year.

Corrected entry: After Phil has been taken care of in the hospital, he says that if the shot had hit him a little to the left, he'd be dead. Since he was shot in the left arm, such a shot wouldn't have hit him anyway. "Left" is only true for the audience.

Correction: He said if HE'D been a foot to the left, not if the bullet was to the left.

Corrected entry: When the guys take off to Bangkok, the plane is a 4 engine jet. When they land, it's a 2 engine jet.


Correction: There is no mistake here. As with most longhaul flights, stopovers occur and passengers are then moved onto another aircraft to complete the journey.


In the airport, the board showed flight to Bangkok. Direct flight. Also, they said that flight is 16 hours. Too quick for connecting flight.

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Phil: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually jealous of you. I mean Lauren is an angel.
Doug: Yeah, she really is amazing.
Stu: Ah, you guys are sweet.
Phil: Not big breasts on her, but still a solid rack for an Asian.



The protagonists travel to the wedding resort at Krabi on Thailand's West coast from Bangkok by speedboat in a relatively short time. To travel from Bangkok to Krabi by sea would involve a 1,500 mile journey through the straits of Malacca via Singapore and would have taken them at least 48 hours, non stop, with additional fuel onboard.