Sofia D'Souza: That would be two beers and for Mr. Mascarenhas, chicken soup and breadsticks, please.
Ethan Mascarenhas: Ah you meant fun for you and breadsticks for me? That's entertainment, Sofia style.
Omar Siddiqui: Sir that's too mean.
Sofia D'Souza: That's okay, Omar! That day remains incomplete for us both without his taunts.

Father Samuel: Ethan, our religion does not permit Euthanasia.
Ethan Mascarenhas: That's why I am appealing in the court, Father, and not in the church.

Omar Siddiqui: Sir, Sofia has prepared this soup with a lot of love. Have some of it! If you don't eat then Rosy and Maria will tell Sofia and she will kill me.
Ethan Mascarenhas: Sofia! Sofia! Sofia! She is made of marble from the outside, and granite from the inside.
Omar Siddiqui: What a lady no?
Ethan Mascarenhas: What a lady.
Omar Siddiqui: What a lady.
Ethan Mascarenhas: What a lady.

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