Third Watch

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Character mistake: In the final episode, Carlos visits Doc in the psychiatric hospital for advice concerning his upcoming marriage to Holly. While talking, Carlos refers to Doc's deceased wife as "Linda", while throughout the series, it has been made very clear that her name was Deborah.

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Continuity mistake: When Faith is at home with Bosco and her kids after arresting Fred, she takes off her heavy police jacket. In the next shot, it's back on and she takes it off again.

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Trivia: The NYPD doesn't actually use the phrase "third watch" to refer to that particular shift. Series creator Edward Berneo had been a police officer in Chicago, and thinking it would make a good title, borrowed the phrase from the Chicago PD.

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Bosco: You seen Yokas? I've been trying to call her all weekend.
Sully: Maybe she has caller ID.

Bosco: Have you forgotten where you've come from? You have, haven't you?
Yokas: You're dangerous out there, Bosco.
Bosco: No, it was an accidental shooting.
Yokas: My old partner would've never missed that shot.
Bosco: My old partner would've never questioned me.

Bosco: Only two things I watch. Sports and animals.
Yokas: Animals?
Bosco: Yeah. Shark shows, elephant babies, lions, tigers, bears.
Yokas: Oh my.
Bosco: What?
Yokas: Nothin'.
Bosco: You don't watch those shows? Best shows on the box.
Yokas: I guess I must be missing out.
Bosco: You are. A lioness with her cubs in the tall grass. No human beings around for miles.
Davis: Except for the 18 guys in the camera truck?
Bosco: You gotta ruin it for me, right?

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